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Subject Classification: Algebra (Combinatorics, Order theory, General algebraic systems, Number theory, Field theory and polynomials, Commutative rings and algebras, Algebraic geometry, Linear and multilinear algebra; matrix theory, Associative rings and associative algebras, Non-associative rings and non-associative algebras, Category theory; homological algebra, K-theory, Group theory and generalizations, Topological groups, Lie groups, and analysis upon them)
Analysis (Real functions, including derivatives and integrals, Measure and integration, Complex functions, including approximation theory in the complex domain, Potential theory, Several complex variables and analytic spaces, Special functions, Ordinary differential equations, Partial differential equations, Dynamical systems and ergodic theory, Difference equations and functional equations, Sequences, series, summability, Approximations and expansions, Harmonic analysis, including Fourier analysis, Fourier transforms, trigonometric approximation, trigonometric interpolation, and orthogonal functions, Abstract harmonic analysis, Integral transforms, operational calculus, Integral equations, Functional analysis, including infinite-dimensional holomorphy, integral transforms in distribution spaces, Operator theory, Calculus of variations and optimal control; optimization (including geometric integration theory) )
Geometry and Topology (Geometry, Convex geometry and discrete geometry, Differential geometry, General topology, Algebraic topology, Manifolds, Global analysis, analysis on manifolds (including infinite-dimensional holomorphy) )
Applied Mathematics (Probability theory, stochastic processes, Statistics, Numerical analysis, Computer science, Mechanics (including particle mechanics), Mechanics of deformable solids, Fluid mechanics, Optics, electromagnetic theory , Classical thermodynamics, heat transfer, Quantum theory, Statistical mechanics, structure of matter, Relativity and gravitational theory, including relativistic mechanics, Astronomy and astrophysics, Geophysics, Operations research, mathematical programming, Game theory, economics, social and behavioural sciences, Biology and other natural sciences, Systems theory; control, including optimal control, Information and communication, circuits, Mathematics education)
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